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Eaa experimental aircraft airframe logbook aircraft. I certify that this aircraft has been inspected in accordance with a 100 hour inspection and the following list of discrepancies and unairworthy items dated 63099 has been provided to the owner. Besides the yellow tag that was in the airframe log book inside cover i had the prop balanced this last annual and decided to have a prop log. I have seen many records that indicate 100annual inspection this is wrong as both inspection are signed off by a different rating. How much a missing logbook matters is a matter of the buyers personal opinion and whats missing. Wording of annual in logbook cessna 172 forum cessna.

Change in weight and balance if any should be noted in the aircraft log books and entered in the aircraft weight and balance data. Left propeller log book entry, by yingling aircraft, inc. Even if a certificated person doesnt actually write in the aircrafts log that the component worked on is approved for return to service, far 43. It was fiberglass and was damaged and i had to have it repaired. What i think is, no a separate log is not required that being said i just got one as i had a second prop entry for my fixed pitch prop warrior.

Maintenance record entries faa aircraft certification. My normal entry for the engine log is something like this, this engine has been inspected per the rotax 100hrannual inspection checklist as part of the aircraft condition inspection. Logbook entties needed after an overhauled engine as been. A copy of the last aircraft log book entry, stating that this aircraft. Most installers when replacing an existing elt do it as a log book entry as a minor modification. Not only is your aircraft legal for another year, but you and your aircraft will be happier and safer. A propeller logbook is an appropriate document for recording total time in service and time since overhaul as well as details of maintenance, inspections and damage. To answer these questions, we need to look at 14 c. Except as provided in paragraphs b and c of this section, each person who maintains, performs preventive maintenance, rebuilds, or alters an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part shall make an entry in the maintenance record of that equipment. The following are examples of logbook entries to be made in accordance with far part 43.

It may be a simple airframe, engine, propeller log book, or an air carriers maintenance record system. Few airplanes live their entire life with the same engine. So riddle me this, tom can a mechanic with only an airframe rating legally remove a magneto from an engine, work on it, reinstall it, and sign the log entry returning everything to service. I had to do a repair on a propeller spinner at one time. Dont forget to indicate the aircrafts total time in service on that inspection logbook entry. A mechanical failure of the propeller could cause a forced landing or create vibrations sufficiently severe to damage the aircraft, possibly causing it to become uncontrollable. The adlogtm system is a total aircraft maintenance recordkeeping system. When i exchanged my engine for a factory reman, i was required to send in the engine log. With so many options, there is a logbook thats right for every pilot, aircraft owner, and aviation maintenance technician.

The logbook entry creator can accommodate separate entries for airframe, powerplant, propeller or any other component that has its own logbook. This maintenance was performed in accordance with the manufacturers. As a bonus, theres a good chance the airframe log will have the installation date and time so you might come up with tsmoh too if not total time. A piston engine fitted on an aircraft yahoo answers. This entry must include the ad number and revision date, the date of compliance, the aircraft total time in service, the method of compliance, and whether or not this is a recurring ad.

Mccauley prop 740845 propeller log d3a32c88mr 32014 1. It is hard to imagine an industry where timely and accurate records are more significant than aviation. The signature, the certificate number, and kind of certificate held by the person approving or disapproving for return to service the aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, component part, or portions thereof. Even if a certificated person doesnt actually write in the aircraft s log that the component worked on is approved for return to service, far 43. As a practical matter, most ownersoperators of aircraft keep permanent engine, airframe and propeller log books regarding annuals and the work done therein as well as ongoing and routine maintenance, including altimeterstatic system checks and transponder checks. N183cd sm 0921 7304 tach time woodland watts airport, ca 3 cirrus 385. This logbook was developed to meet the special requirements of experimental aircraft. This service record shall accompany the propeller equipment at all times. N 183cd sin 921 date 2282008 8633 tach time ttaf prp tsn prp tso woodland a v, a t on watts woodland airport, woodland, ca 95695 b cirrus 496. Aircraft maintenance records and airworthiness directives.

Special flight permits federal aviation administration. Inspect the propeller blades for damage, nicks etc. Amateurbuilt aircraft are built by individuals and certificated by the federal. Logbooks asas logbooks have been the standard of the industry for over 60 years and comply with the faas recordkeeping requirements. The purpose of this program is to simplify and expedite the creation of a quality, legible logbook entry document of maintenance performed. My ia did an entry in the airframe log for engine removal and another for installation, an entry in the engine log describing the overhaul work, and an entry in the prop log for that work. That being said there is nothing wrong with recording the inspections in the engine or propeller logbooks. The work done to correct the discrepancies will be noted in a log book entry. If it is a recurring ad, the time of next compliance must. Propeller owners manual aircraft and airplane propeller. Your experimental your experimental annual condition. Aircraft accessories free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Amt aviation 100 hours inspections 2 flashcards quizlet.

I certify that the above listed phase inspections of the cessna continuous inspection program were completed at this time. My initial reaction is to say that the propeller would be covered in the airframe logbook as the airframe logbook encompasses the whole aircraft except for the engine. Its 14 color coded indexed sections simplify, organize and centralize all data, providing lightning fast retrieval of all maintenance, airworthiness directive, service bulletin and inspection requirements for your aircraft. Propellers are subject to constant vibration stresses from the engine and airstream, which are added to high bending. The fars say an annual inspection is a complete inspection of all the aircrafts individual parts, the airframe, the engines, the propellers and everything else listed on the aircrafts. A typical oil change entry would be entered in the engine logbook as follows. If balancing composite propeller blades, refer to the propeller manufacturers procedures for repair of the propeller. When the aircraft leaves the hangar, your entry must speak for you.

Ac 2041a provides guidance on replacement of tso approved. Date of the last annual inspection copy of that log book page 4. Enance log right propeller log book entry, by yingling aircraft, inc. Also if the props are adjustable they need their own log book. When equipment is installed as part of an aircraft or engine, this record shall be maintained concurrently with and become a part of the aircraft and engine service records. Although a separate propeller logbook is not required we encourage owners to maintain a separate logbook for the propeller. A current copy of the aircraft airworthiness certificate. All records are maintained for historical purposes in both digital and paper formats.

The propeller is a vital component of the aircraft. The discussion forum for sport pilots and light sport aircraft. I was toward the end of all the logbooks so i took the opportunity to start new books for all 3. What once was an arduous task is now a simple, quick and easy process to produce professional quality results. The proper way to sign off the annual is the part 43. In a maintenance logbook for equipment other than the aircraft, such as a logbook for the aircrafts propeller or engine.

Asa propeller log book record data for hub and blade inspections, repairs adn alterations, airworthiness directives, and factory bulletins. If the exhaust system details are required to be in the engine log, im inclined to log the details in both engine and aircraft logs. Did you know 90% of all propeller driven aircraft can significantly benefit from dynamic balancing. Except he probably doesnt have an aircraft log, but rather, an airframe log. Mccauley prop propeller log aircraft sales and brokerage. Airframe, engine, propeller and pilot log books chief. When completed, the maintenance entry and return to service statement can be printed, signed and then inserted in the aircraft maintenance logbooks. Propellers suspected of more severe damage may require removal from the aircraft and the next level of inspection a teardown inspection.

Maintenance logbook entries aircraft owners and pilots. Except as provided in paragraphs b and c of this section, each person who maintains, performs preventive maintenance, rebuilds, or alters an aircraft, airframe, aircraft engine, propeller, appliance, or component part shall make an entry in the maintenance record of that equipment containing the following. This logbook contains pages general aircraft record, record of ownership, initial condition, faa airworthiness inspection pages. Most manufacturers require a periodic inspection at fixed intervals, usually between 1 and 2 years or 100 to 300 flighthours, whichever is sooner. Give them confidence that the maintenance task you performed was done correctly. Were to log prop entries if no prop logbook amt community. Once the entries are made you can begin enjoying the benefits.

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