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In the book, he chronicles the rise of isis, the threat it poses to western civilization and the tragic persecution some say ethnic cleansing of christians in the middle east. This is the inside account of how we ended up with the islamic state, with one revelation after another. Despite numerous warnings from intelligence services, isiss rise to power has left countries around the world floundering for solutions. Hall reveals why isis is a problem that will define the middle east and the west for decades to come. Veteran bbc correspondent andrew hosken ably chronicles and thoroughly documents the rise of isis and its leaders as well as explaining how the group managed, in a few short months, to threaten everything americans and others fought and paid dearly to establish in iraq from 2003 to 2011. For a distinguished and appropriately documented book of nonfiction by an american author that is not eligible for consideration in any other category, ten. The rise of isis is a 2015 nonfiction book by the american.

Robin yassinkassab of the guardian wrote, weiss and hassan have produced a detailed and readable book. In his book the isis apocalypse, mccants traces the rise of a lowermiddle class man born in 1971 in the hardline sunni city of samarra, iraq. When the syrian civil war broke out in 2011, and as the u. In this book, journalist benjamin hall will provide insights by answering the basic questions we still dont have the answers inside isis. Inside the army of terror, american journalist michael weiss and syrian analyst hassan hassan explain how these violent extremists evolved from a nearly defeated iraqi insurgent group into a jihadi army of international volunteers who, with slickly produced murder videos, are spreading violence. It is insightful, approachable, and very well written. Hassan cowrote the book with journalist michael weiss. Inside isis an interview with now columnist michael weiss and syrian analyst hassan hassan, who have just cowritten a book on isis a usled military campaign against the islamic state of iraq and alsham isis in iraq and syria has now been underway for six months, and yet to all outward appearances the jihadist militants look as confident. It tells the story of the climactic battle in the fight against.

A revelatory look inside the worlds most dangerous terrorist group. The middle east is turning into a barbaric lawless human rights. See all 7 formats and editions hide other formats and editions. The rise of isis book online at low prices in india. Initially dismissed by us president barack obama, along with other fledgling terrorist groups, as a jayvee squad compared to alqaeda, the islamic state of iraq and syria isis has shocked the world by conquering massive territories in both countries and promising to create a vast new muslim caliphate. Black flags, tracing the birth of isis the new york times. He is a fellow at the institute of modern russia and serves as. Times of london best books of 2015 wall street journal top 10 books on terrorism a remarkable book. The true story of a ground soldier in the cias war on terrorism. Isis ebook by michael weiss, hassan hassan official.

If you are interested in learning about the upheaval in the middle east, and the origins and operations of isis, from an on the ground perspective, i highly recommend reading this book. Mosul and the fall of the caliphate, is a painful, moving, and necessary read. Inside the army of terror, syrian journalist hassan hassan and american analyst michael weiss explain how the terrorists of isis evolved from a nearly defeated insurgent group into a jihadi armyarmed with american military hardware and the capability to administer a functioning state. There are a lot of books about isis out there right now, and its hard to digest all of the information currently circulating in the news.

Joby warrick creates the most revealing portrait yet laid out in a book of abu musab alzarqawi, the founding father of the organization that. Inside the army of terror, talked about the rise and leadership of isis in the middle east. He goes beyond the vicious jihadis, to reveal a generation of chaos, and uncover a volatile region engulfed in turmoil. Inside the army of terror, by michael weiss and hassan hassan, who have talked to a great many of the jihadists themselves and tell a far more detailed and nuanced story.

His work has also appeared in the guardian, foreign policy and the new york times columnist michael weiss has written for publications such as foreign policy, the daily beast and now lebanon. The core concept of the book, however, is embedded in the title and points to the. Today, we face a threat that is more violent, powerful and financially stronger than ever before. In this pulitzer prize winning book, warrick, a reporter for the washington. Baghdadis family ties to saddam husseins army were. Joby warrick creates the most revealing portrait yet laid out in a book of. Hassan hassan is an middle east analyst with a focus on syria, iraq and the gulf states and a columnist for the national in abu dhabi. In a thrilling dramatic narrative, awarded the 2016 pulitzer prize for general nonfiction, joby. This was a good book to know the historical rise of isis and who the players are. The brutal rise of a terrorist army 9781455590582 by benjamin hall. Anderson cooper weiss and hassan provide a detailed explanation of how the islamic state manages savagery on the ground.

Benjamin hall by embedding himself behind enemy lines, hall provides a riveting narrative based on firsthand experience and personal interviews. It was sometimes hard to follow because of all of the names to remember. The brutal rise of a terrorist army paperback november 10, 2015 by benjamin hall author 4. For readers interested in the roots of the islamic state and the evil genius of its godfather, there is no better book to begin with than. Born of the iraqi and syrian civil wars, the islamic state astonished the world in 2014 by creating a powerful new force in the middle east.

First calling themselves alqaeda in iraq, then islamic state of iraq and syria, or isis, his followers sought refuge in unstable, ungoverned pockets on the iraqsyria border. The second edition of the terrorists of iraq comes at a critical time when the world is trying to understand isis, its origins, and its place among multiple actors in iraq. He goes beyond the vicious jihadis, to reveal a generation of chaos. What is the best book on isis that can provide one with. Explaining the aims, rise and impact of the islamic state in iraq and alsham, the. For readers interested in the roots of the islamic state and the evil genius of its godfather, there is no better book to begin with than black flags. Inside the rise of isis the rise of isis frontline. In a thrilling dramatic narrative, pulitzer prizewinning reporter joby warrick traces how the strain of militant islam behind isis first arose in a remote jordanian. Inside the minds of the women who joined isis the new. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. The organization is barbaric and needs to be stopped.

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